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file not found: /sync/SVIJA/Accessibility/Graphics.html Create an Account · Svija Vibe · How Svija Works · link · Examples of Svija Sites · Frequently Asked Questions · Svija Offers Incredible Graphics · Svija: build websites with Adobe Illustrator · Privacy Policy · Svija Makes You Productive · Terms & Conditions ·
NO This illustration is not a separate image — it's part of the page! You can easily publish a beautiful poem on the internet You can easily publish a beautiful picture on the internetBut you can't easily build beautiful web site People appreciate good design. They hang movie posters and advertising on their wall, because they're beautiful. COMPROMISES The letter C is perfectly bisected by the letter N The two letter Os are perfectly centered Have you ever wanted to make a poster of a web page? All the techniques of professional graphic design are now possible online. They all work natively, completely integrated in the web page. • overflowing and overlapping objects• twisted or distorted objects• continuity across an entire page• free-form elements • curves• transparency• angled objects• gradients THESE TECHNIQUES ARE NOT JUST POSSIBLETHEY’RE EASY THE LIMITS HAVE BEEN LIFTED P3 COLOR SPACE ONLY WITH SVIJA You wouldn't know it to look at the internet, but computer screens have made incredible progress in the past few years.Most web sites are built in the sRGB color space, but there's a new color space called Display P3.If you're looking at this page on a recent Mac in Safari, you're tasting the rich colors of the future. By using the same tools that professional designers use in other domains, Svija now makes it possible to freely exchange content between electronic and other media. If a client comes to you with an established identity, Svija enables you to quickly and easily repurpose flyers, brochures and other materials into web content. CONVERT YOUR PAGES TO/FROM OTHER MEDIA Important benefits accrue from using the same format for both online and offline design description · examples · FAQ · create account HOME · PRODUCTIVITY · GRAPHICS · ANIMATION and Adobe Illustrator built with © Svija SAS · Privacy · Terms & Conditions · Illustrator Source · Contact Visit the Svija Blog Svija harnesses the power of Adobe Illustrator to make building incredible websites fast, easy and efficient. You can never go back. With ECP, all the elements of the page are placed at exact coordinates, every time. You never need to test your page on different browsers or platforms. Mike Schuster, Bill Paxton, and JohnWarnock.Version 1.1.  March 19, 1987. Copyright © 1987 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.Image licensed from The Bettman Archive.Adobe Illustrator is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.Personalized for Svija LoveSerial ABW700R7106044-373 HEADER · PAGE · FOOTER Come see what's cooking!… Find out what we're planning next and get tips for Illustrator and your Svija website. Think we're nuts? Leave us a crispy comment! description · examples · FAQ · create account PRODUCTIVITY · GRAPHICS · ANIMATION LINK DOCUMENTATION PAGES · MODULES · FONTS · MOBILE