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A new thing has arrived.

Build websites in SVG instead of HTML for incredible creative freedom

Svija is set of tools for building web sites using Adobe Illustrator

A task that took days now takes hours. A task that was joyless is now a pleasure. An impossible thing has become easy.

What does a website look like?

You know the answer — you can describe what a website looks like because they all look the same:

Svija Changes Everything

With Svija, everything is possible — curves, rotation, overlapping and transparency — anything you can imagine.

The limits of HTML are gone; for the first time you can design freely — you can finally make websites that live up to the visual quality of your offline content.

Svija is the future of the internet — it's time to evolve.

Experience an internet built with real tools.

Create an Account · Svija Vibe · How Svija Works · link · Examples of Svija Sites · Frequently Asked Questions · Svija Offers Incredible Graphics · Svija: build websites with Adobe Illustrator · Privacy Policy · Svija Makes You Productive · Terms & Conditions ·
FULL WEBSITES · LANDING PAGES · BROCHURES SLIDESHOWS · PRESENTATIONS · POSTERS · UI/UX WIREFRAMES · MANUALS · AND MUCH MORE! BLAZING SPEED + INCREDIBLE FREEDOM problem is that later trigggers cover these logos Create web sites rapidly and easily with Adobe Illustrator WEBSITE BUILDER A NEW KIND OF Create web sites rapidly and easily with Adobe Illustrator WEBSITE BUILDER A NEW KIND OF BLAZING SPEED + INCREDIBLE FREEDOM Svija uses the SVG format to bypass the limitations of traditional web site builders, enabling the rapid creation of unique and immersive web experiences.Of course, you can still build a regular web site — and it will take you way less time than you expect. SCROLL TO SKIP hide <Rectangle> on layer "003 bar & text" Real tools for building coherent content — finally a way to build websites that doesn't make you want to kill yourself—Laurent Peyrin, Tan Gram Com SVIJA IS FOR… Svija is so flexible that it can be usedfor all kinds of online content — includingsome uses you might not think of! With Svija, you can create clear and effective manuals that can be navigated like web content but still present the information in a clear and concise manner.Svija excells at presenting information in an easily navigable way. Help your clients’ users make the most of their products! Usermanuals We've all printed out web pages and seen how broken they are by the printing process.With Svija, you can create printable content that works as a web page but prints perfectly.Use it for forms, flyers or posters — anything where you or your client want to make printable content available. printable content Whether it's a Power Point for your client's colleagues or a project proposition for your client, Svija makes it easy to present content in an engaging, accessible manner.And, with Svija Vibe, you can add delightful animations that will keep the audience captivated. PRESENTATIONS & REPORTS Svija content is great for the end user, but it's also a great way to develop the user experience.Since your project is visitable on the web, you can quickly set up pages and menus and get user and client feedback as the project advances. UI/UX & PROTOTYPING With Svija, you can make rich, engaging websites in an incredibly short time.There's no conversion, debugging or browser validation — you design and it's done.And, with our animation tools, you can create a mobile experience that's simply extraordinary. FULL WEBSITES In addition to their website, your client has a significant investment in other graphic work — work which they can now eaily publish to the internet!Svija makes it practical to easily convert posters, brochures and reports into web content — with only minor modification! PUBLISHING EXISTING CONTENT TO THE INTERNET If your client's planning a gathering, product launch, or open house, you can quickly set up a unique website just for the occasion.Because there's no conversion, debugging or browser validation, launching a temporary site is extremely rapid — and your clients will love it! TEMPORARY SITES It's easy to set up a generic web page in a few minutes — but creating a detailed, immersive web experience is still laborious and expensive.Svija uses the SVG format to bypass the limitations of traditional web site builders, enabling the rapid creation of unique and immersive web experiences. IS THERE IS A BETTER WAY? CONTACT US FOR A DEMO all team members have access to all necessary files notifications when modifying the work of others detailed custom animations within Adobe Illustrator immersive environments — with no programming! all content is fully reusable in other sites/contexts existing print or PDF content can be published on internet compressed production cycle — no conversion or verification limited only by time required for content creation the precision and flexibility of professional design tools every detail is displayed exactly as designed TM MEAT AMTS TEAMS MN AMATON NIMTIN ANIMATION SB SUBILTY ESABLTY REUSABILITY OT RDPCTN PRDCTON PRODUCTION SA VSAL VISUAL VISUALS “The workflow behind this is super innovative — from your SVG program directly to the web… for a new idea, damn!”—Gina Torran THE MISSION IS… hide grid on layer rest of page > breakthrough > static GRAPHIC PERFORMANCEExploit the full potential of Svijarapidity of expression incredible visual richness absolute precision SPEED & STABILITYBetter results with fewer resourcesincrease profitability facilitate maintenance reduce lead times POWERFUL MARKETINGA stronger presencereinforced brand identity immersive experience increased virality We tried to make this diagram as complex as possible, but it wasn't easy — with Svija, you just design in Illustrator and your website exists.If you're really curious, click the black button to see how Svija's powerful ecosystem complements Illustrator to make web publishing unbelievably fast. IS “INSTANTLY” FAST ENOUGH? MAKE DIAGRAM MORE COMPLEX is visitable here what you design here Svija Sync Upload Download Svija Sync 1.0.4Welcome! Svija helps you build incredible web content in a matter ofminutes — just save from within Adobe Illustrator using Svija Tools! Svija Sync — a Mac app that continuously updates your website Svija Tools — an Illustrator panel to optimize and save pages Svija Tools M O R E   + H E L P Check & Repair Save as Svija Animation Tips Svija Cloud — a web interface to manage content & SEO VISIT SITE · CLEAR CACHE · DOCUMENTATION · V2.2.20SVIJA · CHANGE PASSWORD · LOG OUT FILTER By screen sizeAll Computer Mobile By sort label (optional)All Computer Forms Mobile 1.1 · URL & Settings1.2 · Sections1.3 · Screen Sizes2.1 · Modules2.2 · Pages2.3 · Fonts3.1 Script Sets3.2 · Redirects3.3 · Robots.txt AddAddAddAddAddAddAddAddAdd ChangeChangeChangeChangeChangeChangeChangeChangeChange SVIJA MORE INFO HERE! Svija Vibe — create simple or complex animations directly within Illustrator A Vibe animation is simply a Trigger causing an Event to do something.• a Trigger is just an Illustrator shape • an Event can be any object or group in IllustratorA Trigger is linked to an Event by having the same name:› clicking on trigger mouse/someName causes › event click/someName/35> to turn 35° to the rightMultiple triggers and events can be linked with the same name. trigger object: event object: With Svija Vibe, you can animate your page simply by naming objects in Illustrator with the movements you'd like to see.Without no programming, you can easily create effects ranging from simple mouseovers to elaborate immersive environments. AMAZING(LY EASY) ANIMATION This entire page was animated with no programming at all! move right 550px, 5 secondsrotate 1440° to right, 5 secondsmove up/down 200px, 5 seconds objects before naming objects after naming AN EXAMPLE For more information, visit S P L I T S P L I T R O T A T E R O T A T E S L I D E S L I D E O  U  R    P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S "I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really LOVE THIS. Thank you for making this!" —James Foma START NOW This robot needs you! Even if you don't have a project in mind, you can start using Svija today.Your free account includes a simple website featuring this cute robot!She's just snoozing away, waiting for you to come add some excitement.See what it's like to experience absolute freedom in web design. It's free!