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file not found: /sync/SVIJA/Accessibility/Animation.html Create an Account · Svija Vibe · How Svija Works · link · Examples of Svija Sites · Frequently Asked Questions · Svija Offers Incredible Graphics · Svija: build websites with Adobe Illustrator · Privacy Policy · Svija Makes You Productive · Terms & Conditions ·
The power to create life. Combinations Combinations Transparency Transparency Scaling Scaling Rotation Rotation Movement Movement Svija Vibe lets you take any element or group of elements on the page and give life to it — from a single rectangle to an entire page section.Animations can be triggered by user interactions, scrolling or timing, and you can attach multiple triggers to multiple events. WHAT IT DOES Combinations Transparency Scaling Rotation Movement NO PROGRAMMING Svija Vibe is trivially simple to use. Here's an example.We'll start with two rectangles in Illustrator: TRIGGER and EVENT (at right).We create an animation simply by naming the objects in the Layers panel: Triggers and events are connected by their name.mouse/someName is a mouse-based trigger with name someNameclick/someName/35> is an event with name someName that will be rotated 35° clockwise when the user clicks the trigger. TRIGGER It really is that simple. Every animation is as simple as this example. But, you can create very elaborate effects by combining animations and by animating grouped objects at different levels of the hierarchy. click here Once you've read this section, you can probably guess the the events above —  click here to see if you're right! EVENT click/name/+x275click/name/360>click/name/%800click/name/t0click/name/<315/%800/t100/+x200/-y110 No, up here Show Triggers Show Triggers Scroll triggers allow you to connect animations to the movement of the page.They're popular right now, and they're extremely easy to create with Svija Vibe:• when the page is scrolled to a given point • when a given part of the page is visible locked to the scroll position of the page SCROLLING A VISIBLE ZONE LOCKED TO SCROLLING A GIVEN POINT Show Triggers EASY = TRANSFORMATIVE It's nice that animating your web content has been made so easy, but there are bigger implications. Right now, it's common to see sites that feature a few central animations in an overall design that's pretty uninteresting.With Svija Vibe, it is so easy to add effects that you can bring life to even the smallest details of your site.And you can still do that other thing: Svija Vibe is based on the GreenSock Animation Platform. GSAP is a high-performance javascript animation library that enables transformative visual effects without slowing down your website. Scroll canceling enables you to animate objects that don't scroll with the page.The event is locked to the vertical scroll position, but the animation doesn't scroll vertically.It's enjoyable for the user and gives them a sense of control over their experience — always a way to keep your visitors interested.As you can see, it's a lot of fun — and we've only scratched the surface! SCROLL CANCELING Apart from preparing the images, this animation took about 15 minutes to create. description · examples · FAQ · create account HOME · PRODUCTIVITY · GRAPHICS · ANIMATION and Adobe Illustrator built with © Svija SAS · Privacy · Terms & Conditions · Illustrator Source · Contact Visit the Svija Blog Svija harnesses the power of Adobe Illustrator to make building incredible websites fast, easy and efficient. You can never go back. With ECP, all the elements of the page are placed at exact coordinates, every time. You never need to test your page on different browsers or platforms. Mike Schuster, Bill Paxton, and JohnWarnock.Version 1.1.  March 19, 1987. Copyright © 1987 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.Image licensed from The Bettman Archive.Adobe Illustrator is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.Personalized for Svija LoveSerial ABW700R7106044-373 HEADER · PAGE · FOOTER Come see what's cooking!… Find out what we're planning next and get tips for Illustrator and your Svija website. Think we're nuts? Leave us a crispy comment! description · examples · FAQ · create account PRODUCTIVITY · GRAPHICS · ANIMATION LINK DOCUMENTATION PAGES · MODULES · FONTS · MOBILE