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System Requirements:macOS 10.15 Catalina or later Windows 10 version 2004 or later Adobe Illustrator 2020 (24.0) or later Professional accounts with custom domain names begin at 10€/month — contact us for details. Create an Account Svija is free for personal use. Your account includes a maximum of 500 MB of disk space. SIGN UP I have Adobe IllustratorI have a MacI have a PCI accept the terms and conditions FIRST & LAST NAMEEMAIL ADDRESSCITY/COUNTRY OR TIME ZONEWEBSITE ADDRESS SIGN UP Sign up complete. Thank you for trying Svija. You will receive your login information as soon as your account has been created.While you are waiting, you can install Svija via the links below. SENDING… SOMETHING WENT WRONG Reload the page to try again, or sign up by emailing 1. Install the Svija Tools panel for Adobe Illustrator instructions for installing without going through Adobe Exchange here. • open the Creative Cloud app    (select the         icon in the macOS menu     bar or Windows Taskbar)search for “svija”• install Svija Tools, then restart    Adobe Illustrator• you'll find Svija Tools under the   Window › Extensions menu Please visit this page on your computer before following the links below. WHILE YOU'RE WAITING… FOR PC TAP HERE (comprehensive installation instructions) 2. Install the Svija Sync application • click the logo below to open the    Mac App Storeinstall Svija Sync• you'll be ready to configure it    when you receive your    confirmation email from Svija MAC USERS START HERE ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.208 0.961 0.992); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.0 0.659 0.847); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.208 0.961 0.992); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.0 0.659 0.847); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.929 0.929 0.933); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.345 0.349 0.357); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.929 0.929 0.933); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.345 0.349 0.357); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 1.0 1.0 1.0); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 1.0 1.0 1.0); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.427 0.431 0.443); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.427 0.431 0.443); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.059 0.839 0.0); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.71 0.902 0.561); (comprehensive installation instructions) • click the logo above to open the     WinSCP download page:download & install WinSCP• you'll be ready to configure it when    you receive your confirmation    email from Svija 2. Install the WinSCP application PC USERS START HERE Svija Sync Site Admin Cache Folder Answers ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.122 0.561 1.0); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.0 0.412 1.0); Upload Download ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.122 0.561 1.0); ;stop-color:color(display-p3 0.0 0.412 1.0); Svija Sync 1.0.4Welcome! Svija helps you build incredible web content in a matter ofminutes — just save from within Adobe Illustrator using Svija Tools! Check & Repair Save All & Close Save Save All Duplicate Layers Animation Tips Create Group Import Styles L E S S Svija Tools
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