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Freedom of Movement

With Svija, you design freely — if you want to move the headline up a couple pixels, you drag it up. If the client wants a photo to be a little bigger, you scale it up — without displacing the surrounding contents.

Svija lets you concentrate on the important part — the design.

A task that took days now takes hours.
A task that was joyless is now a pleasure.
An impossible thing has become easy.

If you have not built a website yourself, you may not realize just how frustrating it is to design with HTML.

If you have built a website yourself, then you know — designing web content is a hassle. It requires using draconian design tools through an onerous, multi-stage process to launch the final site.

Most frequently, you buy a theme and just choose new fonts and colors.

Svija is a tool, and it will make you money, as it should. But it is also a joy to use.

Hopefully we have succeeded in transmitting some of this joy to you through our own website.

This joy can be yours.

Using Svija will spoil you

After building an SVG-based website, building an HTML-based website feels:

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